Meanings of Flowers

The term tussy mussy (note different spelling) refers to a small metal hand-held vase used to hold a small nosegay tussie mussie bouquet. Some have attached ring chains for easy carrying. The vase or cone could be made from pewter, cobalt glass, silver, gold, porcelain, plastic and even beaded.

Tussie Mussie Talking Bouquets:

At the store we can help you choose bouquets to express your sentiments in flowers.Victorian meanings of Flowers & herbs:

A Get Well bouquet might contain:

  • A red rose = love
  • Pussy willow = recovery from illness
  • Calendula = health, constancy,
  • Yarrow = heals wounds, health, cure
A Love bouquet might contain:

  • A red rose = love
  • Hosta leaves = devotion
  • Lilac = first emotions of love
A Friendship bouquet might contain:

  • Yellow Tulips = cheerful thoughts
  • Pussy willow = friendship
  • Blue Hyacinth = kindliness, sport
Almond flowers — Hope
Anemone — Forsaken
Balm — Sympathy
Basil — Best wishes 
Bay leaf — “I change but in death”
Bell flower, white — Gratitude
Bergamot — Irresistible
Bluebell — Constancy
Borage — Courage
Broom — Humility
Calendula — health, constancy
Campanula — Gratitude
Carnation, red — “Alas for my poor heart”
China rose — Beauty always new
Chrysanthemum — Love
Clover, four leaved — “Be mine”
Convolvulus, major — Extinguished hopes or eternal sleep
Coreopsis, arkansa — Love at first sight
Cuckoo pint — Ardour
Daffodil — Regard
Daisy — Innocence, new-born, “I share your sentiment”
Fennel — Flattery
Fern — Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not — True love
Forsythia — good nature
Furze or Gorse — Enduring affection
French Marigold — Jealousy
Gardenia — Ecstasy
Gentian — Loveliness
Geranium — “You are childish”
Hare bell — Grief
Heartsease — “I am always thinking of you”
Heather — Admiration
Honeysuckle — Bonds of love
Hosta leaves — devotion
Hyacinth, Blue — kindliness, sport
Ice Plant — “Your appearance freezes me”
Ivy — Fidelity, friendship, marriage
Jasmine — Grace
Jonquil — “I hope for return of affection”
Lavender — Luck, devotion
Lemon Balm — Sympathy
Lilac — first emotions of love
Lily — Purity, modesty
Lily of the Valley — Purity, the return of happiness
Marigold — Health, grief or despair
Marjoram — Kindness, courtesy
Myrtle — Fidelity
Oregano — Joy
Pansy — Loving thoughts
Periwinkle — Happy memory
Phlox — Agreement
Poppy, red — Consolation
Pussy willow — Friendship, recovery from illness
Rose, cabbage — Ambassador of love
Rose, red — Love
Rose, pink — Grace, beauty
Rose, yellow — Friendship
Rosemary — Remembrance, constancy 
Rue — Contrition
Sage — Gratitude, domestic virtue
Snowdrop — Hope
Star of Bethlehem — Purity
Sweet Pea — Departure, tender memory
Sweet William — Gallantry
Tuberose — Voluptuousness
Tulip, red — Reclamation of love
Tulip, yellow– cheerful thoughts
Violet — Loyalty, modesty, humility
Violet, blue — Faithfulness
Wormwood — Grief
Wheat — Riches of the continuation of life
Willow, weeping — Mourning
Wallflower — Fidelity
Yarrow — heals wounds, health, cure
Yew — Sorrow