A list of the Best Flowers to give your mom on Mother’s Day in the Spring

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? King West Flowers offers a list of the best flowers to give your mom in the spring, including stunning blooms and arrangements that are sure to show your appreciation and love.

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Flowers never fail to make anyone smile. They always tend to elevate receivers’ moods and make them feel loved and cared for. This is why flowers are considered to be one of the best gifts for every occasion, including Mother’s Day. Furthermore, because Mother’s Day falls in spring (the season of flowers), people get to enjoy a vast collection of gorgeous blossoms, one of the best florists in Toronto, provides their customers with a selection of some of the best and most popular spring flowers.


Carnation, also known as clove pink or grenadine, belongs to a family of flowering plants called Caryophyllaceae. This blossom starts blooming in late spring and goes into early summer. These brightly colored blooms are very firm in nature, and they are pretty long-lasting. You just need to make sure to refresh their water regularly and keep them away from direct heat and sunlight. Giving this blossom to your mother this Mother’s Day will for sure make her feel loved and cared for.


This Mother’s Day, you can follow the classic path and give your mother a bunch of elegant and gorgeous roses. You can make use of any of its variations and portray your true emotions for your mother. If you want to express gratitude and joy, go for pink roses. Whereas, if you want to express fascination, thanks, and thoughtfulness, you should go with either orange or peach-colored roses. You don’t have to step out to get all these gorgeous blooms. You can just ask any florist who does spring flower delivery in Toronto to deliver your order to your desired location.


Daisy flowers, which bloom from April to June, make a lovely Mother's Day gift. These blossoms in general stand for motherhood. But you can use its different shades to deliver your heartfelt message to your beloved mother. To express your feelings of platonic love and gentleness, you can use pink daisies. To portray joy, warmth, and peace, you can use orange and white daisies. And to express the pride you feel for your mother, you should choose the purple one.


Looking for a spring flower that will last long and make your beloved mother remember what you feel for her and think of you whenever she looks at it? Then you should definitely go with chrysanthemums. These blossoms have a vase life of almost three weeks. And they also let you express your feelings and make wishes for joy, long life, and happiness.


One of the very first flowers to bloom and signify the arrival of spring is the tulip. These blossoms come in various colors that symbolize various different emotions. You can use this gorgeous, brightly colored flower to portray merriment and excitement. Also, they make an excellent Mother’s Day gift for new mothers.

Now hurry and order your desired Mother’s Day flower arrangement from King West Flowers, one of the best florists in Toronto. They make outstanding flower bouquets and never give their customers a chance to feel disappointed. Even if you don’t live with your parents and can’t visit them this Mother’s Day, you don’t need to worry. Because King West Flowers also provides their customers with spring flower delivery service, this service doesn’t let the distance become a hurdle between you and your mother. You can order whichever flower bouquet you want, and they will make sure to deliver it with great care to your beloved mother.

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