Where I buy my Favorite Houseplants?

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Houseplants are not just some torn-out pieces of accessories or decorative items that stay in the background of our homes and our lives. Rather, for plant and flower lovers, they often take the center stage of life as they invest a lot of their time and energy on bringing up the plants with love and care. Getting a sapling and bringing them up by yourself gives you immense joy. Plus, they look amazing as décor.

So, if you are new to having houseplants of your own, you surely need to read this article to know which plants you should buy and which ones will be perfect for you. Looking for the best florist in Toronto? Try King West Flowers for all your floral and plant-related needs, and you won’t be disappointed!

Spider Plant

Beautiful as well as sturdy- spider plant is a very popular indoor house plant to have in your house. What’s more is that it purifies air and makes your environmental air up to 95% pollution free. Spider plants are easy to maintain and don't require a lot of time and resources for them to thrive.

Peace Lily

If you’re a fan of flowering plants, then peace lily is a great choice for you. with beautiful showy blooms peaking through the gorgeous green leaves, peace lily makes the environment look beautiful with its presence. They need to be kept in some shady place, so the bedroom side table (away from the window) might be a good place for it.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is another gorgeous indoor plant that purifies air like the spider plant. Its long spiky leaves stand tall and create a unique look. Snake plants need limited exposure to sunlight and occasional sprinkling of water. You can keep it in a corner of your living or dining room.

Chinese Evergreen

Simple and hassle-free- that’s what this plant is all about. If you are one of those persons who often forget that you are responsible for a living being, pick this one, it is not easy to kill this plant! Keep it in a partially lit space like the corner of the balcony or window, and water once every 2 weeks. Your Chinese evergreen will stay happy. Want house plants online delivery? Visit King West Flowers now!

Jade Plant

Another amazingly sturdy plant is the Jade Plant. They can survive drought and no watering for up to one whole month. They do need bright sunlight though, so keeping it on the porch or balcony is the appropriate thing to do. If you have pets, be careful, as it is toxic for dogs and cats when chewed upon.

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